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"should I finish off and print some Christmas cards¿" I asked some friends the other week... "YAAAASSSSSSSSSSS" they replied.
So I did.
And thanks to them you can send all your friends (or frenemies¡) a little bit of d-ink fuelled Christmas joy if you wish to. I do not recommend this product to anybody under the age of 18... the title of the pictures is on the back of the cards and it does include (censored) swearing. You hae been warned¡
The cards you receive are part of a Limited Edition Run of 100. 
Comes in a pack of 15 cards (x3 of each design) (with envelopes). (yep... total bargain for £10¡)

multi-pack offer | the abominable snowman | season 1

£15.00 Regular Price
£10.00Sale Price
  • Digitally printed on sustainably sourced greetings card... super smooth on the outside, good for writing (or ink-ing) on the inside¡
    Cards come pre-folded with plain white self-seal envelopes (no licking here¡)

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